Motivational Speakers don’t come any better than Patrick Tansey

The Motivational Speaker – Patrick Tansey

Excellent motivational speakers are worth their weight in gold. To be able to provide new forms of problem-solving to an experienced audience requires a high level of creativity and expertise.
During the course of his motivational speech ‘Success is Simple’, Patrick Tansey demonstrates how you can improve your concentration, and communication skills.
This always leads to a positive impact on the bottom line.

If you can make other motivational speakers laugh...

If you can make other motivational speakers  laugh…

Patrick shares the results of his six years of research into why we do so many things that are not good for us, and also why we resist doing the ‘smart’ things in life that will benefit us.
Add a liberal dose of humour to the proceedings, and you have a riveting, fun-filled hour of life-changing potential, which places Patrick right at the top tier of motivational speakers.

Patrick illustrates how, in today’s business world, nobody suffers from physical fatigue. They suffer from BRAIN fatigue.
Optimising your ability to focus and improving communication skills will maximise your ability to cope, survive and thrive in today’s ever-demanding workplace environment. Deciding where and how to spend your time and energy, hour-by-hour, day-by-day, is the only road to success. Patrick Tansey’s ‘Success is Simple’ will help you find that road and, more importantly, stay on it.

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If you want a quality speaker who always gets thunderous applause at the end of his presentation – book Patrick Tansey.

Conference Speaking – ‘Success is Simple’

If you know human nature, you’ll know that most people would rather be entertained than be educated. Motivational speaker Patrick Tansey captivates his listeners by using powerful humorous analogies to support his claim that anyone can achieve their full potential by a simple process overlooked by 80% of the population. The 20% are the ‘champions’, the 80% are the ‘spectators’.

Why should Motivational Speakers use Humour?

  • Humorous motivational speakers connect with the audience
  • Humorous motivational speakers arouse interest
  • Humorous motivational speakers sustain attention
  • Humorous motivational speakers help emphasise points and ideas
  • Humorous motivational speakers help relate facts and figures
  • Humorous motivational speakers make a positive impression
  • Humorous motivational speakers paint pictures in the audience’s mind
  • Humorous motivational speakers make information more memorable
  • Humorous motivational speakers make people feel happy and motivated

What is it that sets humorous motivational speakers apart? The answer is – the POWER of humour. Nowadays, almost everyone has ever-increasing demands on their attention spans. Unless people hear motivational speakers who are interesting and humorous their attention is likely to wander…

Patrick Tansey is one of the top humorous motivational speakers available today.
His topic ‘Success is Simple‘ is a dynamic laughter and learning experience.
He uses liberal amounts of humour to brighten the whole meeting atmosphere.
Patrick’s cheerful and funny segments bring the meeting delegates out of their shell and make them amenable to new thinking and new information.

Patrick is a master at using a combination of motivation and laughter to slowly and effectively encourage his audience to take part in the process of unlocking their unrealised potential.

Humour is the most reliable factor that livens up the proceedings of a business meeting or conference. Hearty laughter relaxes the mind and body muscles. The audience, instead of drifting away, stays focused, because no one wants to miss out on the next (very) funny line.

“You were brilliant!”

“Patrick – you were brilliant! Your feedback results from 400 conference delegates scored 95% – yours was the 4th highest of over 70 presenters that we have booked over a 3 year period.”
Don Hales – Deputy Managing Director, Quest Media Ltd